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Feast Volunteer Information

Get involved with the Feast of the Hunters’ Moon! Below are just some of the activities that are available for volunteers. Please use the form below to express your volunteer interests or call Leslie at (765) 476-8411 ext. 203.

Job Description   Special Requirements
Program Booth Assist at program booth such as Archeology, Candle, Children’s’ Try-on and Trade, bead booth, Blockhouse. Costumed Groups are welcome. Both children and adult activities available.
Information Booth Assist in the Information Booth with lost and found, visitor information and distributing programs. Costumed Some knowledge of the Feast is helpful.
Hospitality Assist with the distribution of food and drinks to volunteers on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday Evening or Sunday. This is a perfect job for a beginning participant. Costumed or non costumed Great for families and children
Gift Booths Assist with the sales of Feast Merchandise and other eighteenth century merchandise in one of the TCHA stores on Feast Friday or during the festival. Costumed or non costumed  
Grounds Assistance Assist with hanging signage, distributing tables and chairs, hanging matting and other tasks on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the Feast. Non-costumed Physical labor involved.
Set-up Assistance Assist with building the Feast from building booths to stringing fence lines there are jobs for everyone. Non-costumed Some physical labor involved. Set up weekends are from 9 am to 4 p.m. on September 21-22 and September 28-29. Lunch is provided. Participants may earn one ticket for each 4 hour shift worked.
Couriers Assist the staff in preparing deposits for gates and booths. Costumed or Non-costumed Experienced volunteers preferred. Must be over 21. Please call for more details